Monday, 7 January 2008

Three Hours Later....

My dad and I set off for a hospital in Murcia this morning at 7.30am for a 9am appointment. We arrived in Murcia with plenty of time to spare which was lucky because it took us over half an hour to find the hospital. We were made to wait over an hour before he was seen by a nurse who was to do his pre-op checks blood pressure, heartrate, x-ray etc...
We then had to wait about half an hour for a doctor to tell him that he had a chest infection so they will not be able to operate tomorrow as planned. My dad was given a prescription and told to wait for somebody to explain what he was to do next. After another long wait a woman told us that he would get a phonecall tomorrow to arrange another appointment for next week, so after 3 hours we were free to go.

We called at a local pharmacy to pick up his prescription: 4 items costing 62 euros!! I have warned my dad to cut down the smoking and not to drink whilst on the antibiotics otherwise they won't even operate next week. All this means that I will be prolonging my stay here in spain which may sound nice but I am spending money I intended to save for my holiday in august.

By the way the weather has been glorious for the last three days!!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Alive and Kicking!!

I haven't posted in a while for two reasons:
a) I have become addicted to Facebook and spend all my spare time on there
b) I have become lazy!!

My last post was written in Spain whilst I was on holiday with my son and this one is being created on the same computor here in spain.

I am here visiting my dad again because he is supposed to be going in for an operation on tuesday. He is a heavy smoker and has developed a blockage in an artery in his right leg so he is having a bypass done. He has to be at a hospital in Murcia for 9am tomorrow morning for a pre-op examination. If all goes well he will go back in on tuesday afternoon for the operation. We are not confident that they will operate as he has a chesty cough at the moment...due to excessive smoking!!

I came out here for a fortnight in november because he thought he was having the op then but all they did was inject his leg with a dye so that they could scan him which resulted in the discovery of the blocked artery.

So here I am again in San Pedro Del Pinatar on a one way ticket! I will book my flight home when my dad is well enough to cope on his own.
I left england last thursday during a blizzard at leeds/bradford airport. My flight was delayed for about twenty minutes whilst a very cold looking man aboard a crane jetwashed the snow off the wings. This made a nervous flyer feel very apprehensive, dont get me started on the turbulence over the pyrenees!!!

I have been drunk every night since I got here which has ruined my first new years resolution to abstain from drinking for a few months. I need to start going for long walks along the beach in an attempt to lose weight.

I am having a night in because we have an early start tomorrow so I am going now to watch a film that is about to start. More soon...I promise

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Fitter,happier more productive....

The title of this post is the first line of a bizarre track from Radiohead's album Ok Computer but it sums up how I am feeling at the moment.

A lot has happened recently so I thought I would share it with anyone who is interested in "blogland".

First up I have just got back from holiday, well last wednesday. I took my son to Spain to visit my Dad in San Pedro Del Pinatar. It was great to see my Dad again as I haven't seen him since last november. It was the first time Cameron had seen him in years so it was nice for all concerned. My Dad had hired a car for the fortnight so we were able to travel up to the mediterranean beach at Mil Palmeras which was great. On the whole the weather was nice and sunny although we didn't get up most days 'til lunchtime due to the late nights we were having. I was worried that it would be too quiet for Cameron as he is used to package holidays with pools and night time entertainment but he loved it. In actual fact I discovered what a good pool player he is....he beat my Dad a few times as well as a lot of the people we met there.

This is my favourite photo from the holiday!

I love this one too....Cameron is gonna love me for putting these on!!

Here is me and my Dad with Becky and Chantelle whom we met in our first week. We took them to a water park and had a great day despite the overcast conditions!
So as I said we got back last wednesday and I started college the next day. In case you don't know I am doing an Access to Nursing course. It was great to meet up with the people I had met during the week-long induction during the summer. The first day went well and we even got some homework to do.
I went out at teatime on friday to have a birthday drink with the lads in my local. I had five pints before a mate picked me up to go into town to meet some more of my older mates. It wasn't my birthday 'til midnight on friday but I wasn't going to let that minor technicality bother me when the lads were buying the drinks. Apperently I had a good night!!
Saturday morning I was awoken by numerous phonecalls and texts wishing me a happy birthday....thanks to everyone who interupted my hangover lol.
My best mate Kev picked me up at lunchtime because I was going to be stopping at his house after the 30th birthday ball we had been invited to. We went out for a couple of pints with his fiancee and her parents before getting ready to go to the ball.
The ball was good fun as I saw a few people I hadn't seen for quiet a while. Everyone was invited back to Kev's for a party where I duely collapsed on the floor. Kev, all 17st of him, jumped on my back and banged his head on the back of mine. He woke up with a lovely shiner lol.
Sunday afternoon Kev and Abi gave me a lift back to my local where my friends were waiting to meet "invisible Kev". That was the knickname given to him by Simon because I always go on about him but none of the lads in my local have met him. Anyway everyone got on well and Kev stayed for three pints. After he had gone I had a few more then moved on to a pub down the road where I met Muz, a mate from school. Another birthday pint bought for me then I was on my way into town to watch the second half of the football with Rich. I lasted longer than Rich but I don't remember going home. Aren't mobile phones great? Apperently I used mine to ring Kev when I got home to tell him that I had fallen asleep in Burger King and had been kicked out by the manager!
Monday morning came and went and I was still in bed with the worst hangover ever by mid afternoon. I had to get out from the relative comfort of my bed to go into town to book next years holiday where I am going to be Kev's bestman. The holiday came to £1914 for two weeks all-inclusive in Turkey for me and Cameron. I managed a £100 deposit and said my goodbyes....there was only one place I was going and that was back to bed to die.
The worst thing about having an hangover these days is the post drink blues that I suffer. I know that drink is a depressant and everyone feels a bit low after a heavy session but because I am Bi-polar I always worry that I am actually suffering from a depressive episode that I might not recover from. I literally have to keep telling myself that it is an after affect of the alcohol and that I am not on the slippery slope to the psychiatric ward.
I woke up tuesday morning feeling much better physically but I was still feeling a bit low. I thought a day at college would help me feel better but I was so wrong. The first class was Psychology where we were introduced to Sigmund Freud....not literally as he has been dead for years lol. There was so much to take in that I was questioning the reasoning behind why I was doing the course. The tutor said he will be giving us hand-outs for everything we did so I thought I could catch up in my own time by reading them. The afternoon session was even worse....Biology with the worst tutor imaginable. He was so boring and hard to follow. I started drifting off and once again I questioned what I was doing there.
Last night I felt a little better because I had treated myself to the 2nd series of The Sopranos and had already watched 4 episodes by the time Cameron came round to stay. Cameron helped me with a little printer problem I was having....erm I had plugged the wrong cable into the printer...Doh!!
This morning I woke up to a blue sky and ironically I wasn't feeling blue anymore. My plan for the day was to go into the college library and do the homework that has to be handed in tomorrow and go swimming at that is exactly what I did.
I managed to write up my notes and prepare myself to type them up before I went to the pool. I was hoping to my usual mile but I am sorry to say I only managed to complete 20 lenghts. As soon as I dived in and started swimming I felt a twinge in my lower back. I have never had a bad back so I was quite concerned so that's why I stopped after the twenty.
I went back to college, had lunch then I typed up all my homework and printed it off. That may sound simple to you all out there but I have never been taught how to use Microsoft Word so it took me a while. I must say though I was pleased with the results.
So I am well prepared for tomorrow and actually looking forward to it.
I will have to get back on track with the diet because I weighed myself before my swim and I have put 7lbs on since the day before my holiday three weeks ago. I am now 15st!!!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Surf's Up !!


I am still enjoying fun in the sun with Cameron and my Dad so I thought I would make you all jealous with a short video of my body-boarding in the Med.

We had a great day yesturday in the surf which had waves up to about six feet. We went back for more today but the red flag was flying so we couldn't even paddle...Cameron was gutted!

We are going out to a local restaurant for a slap up meal soon to fuel our day at the water park tomorrow.

Adios xx

Monday, 3 September 2007

Bye Now!

Well it's that time of year again....

Tomorrow I am taking my son to see his Grandad in Spain. I will be gone for two weeks so I don't think I will be posting unless I can get Cameron off my Dad's new laptop that I am personally delivering tomorrow! I can't see him doing two whole weeks without going on msn lol.

I must take this opportunity to appologise for not posting about my diet. I wasn't feeling too good last week after one hell of a bender over the bank holiday weekend. I promise to get back on track when I get back....I am also gonna stop drinking from september 23, the day after my birthday.

Happy blogging.....adios amigos!!!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Day Two

Nothing interesting to report today so I am just going to list what I have eaten today so that Vi can advise me.....

Breakfast: 3 shredded wheat with semi-skimmed milk( using it up before I buy the skimmed variety). A sprinkling of Tesco's own needs it!!

Lunch: tuna and sweetcorn on brown (tesco's finest!...I was there buying dinner) and a braeburn apple....I love these apples-sweet and crunchy!

Dinner: chicken breast (butterflied then pan-fried in a little sesame oil and chargrill seasoning), salad,couscous and coleslaw.

I had my dinner earlier than usual so by 8.30 I was feeling peckish. A quick walk to my local asian friend's corner shop and I was soon in the possession of a packet of Warburton's crumpets!
It says on the packet that there is less than 1% of fat....on closer inspection it also says : CARBOHYDRATE 20.9g(per crumpet) of which sugars 0.9g
What the hell does that mean? Well they are under the grill now so if they are bad for me I will have to find another healthier snack.....I do like cottage cheese and ryvitas....will buy them in next week's "big shop".

Day Two....done!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Food Glorious Food

As some of my readers know I have been struggling with a weight problem so I have been trying different diets. I have recently been trying The Cambridge Diet which is a total food replacement diet. Over the last few weeks I have been struggling to cope with it so I felt I was wasting my money....usually about £35 a week for the shakes.

My blog friend Vi who runs a successful diet business (sorry Vi didn't know what to call it) has kindly offered to help me find a diet that works for me. Vi has suggested that I write a post everyday outlining what I have ate that day then she plans to advise me in the comments section. With me so far?

At least that will give me something to write about as my life is pretty empty at the moment....although I do take my son to Spain in two weeks time so I should have something to post in the near future.

Well here goes Vi....

Breakfast: A bowl of Tesco Finest muesli ( unfortunately it does contain dried fruit but I am not gonna throw it away) with semi-skimmed milk. One cup of coffee with two sweetners

Lunch: I skipped lunch today because I took Cameron to see The Bourne Ultamatum at 1pm.
Great film by the in the trilogy!

Dinner: We were invited to Mum's so we were treated to a "sunday dinner" with all the trimmings. Roast Beef, carrots, parsnips, petite pois, cabbage, broccoli and of course yorkshire pudding all covered in gravy. "Northern boys love gravy".
You did tell me to include everything Vi so I have to report that I did have a slice of cheesecake!
Whilst waiting for dinner I did sneak in a couple of plums!

Well there you go....I look forward to your comments Vi and anybody elses will be more than welcome.

I have also told Vi that after my holiday I am going to be teetotal so I thought I would mention that.Obviously that will help with weight loss as I have been binge drinking of late.

So there you go Day One....